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Wireless Monitoring Data Streaming/Transmission

The following products are components of a wireless remote process temperature monitoring system.

Photo of a ZT-2018 analog input module

Wireless 8-Channel Analog Input Module with High Voltage Protection
Model: ZT-2018
Wireless 16-bit, 8-channel differential analog input module that users can easily configure using a combination of rotary and DIP switches

Photo of a ZT-2550 ZigBee host converter

RS-485/RS-232 to ZigBee Host Converter (ZigBee Coordinator)
Model: ZT-2550
Compact ZigBee host converter based on the IEEE802.15.4 standard that allows RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces to convert to a personal area ZigBee wireless network

InduSoft logo

Indusoft SCADA/HMI for Desktop/Server
Model: IND-15520-NT
Powerful and integrated Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software for Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) development, SCADA systems, and embedded instrumentation and control applications

Photo of GTM-201-RS232 industrial quad-band GPRS/GSM cellular modem

Industrial Quad-Band GPRS/GSM Cellular Modem with RS-232 Interface
Model: GTM-201-RS232
Industrial quad-band GPRS/GSM modem with RS-232 and USB interfaces that utilizes the GSM/GPRS network for convenient and inexpensive data transfer from remote instruments, meters, computers, or control systems in either live or packet data

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