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Nuclear Safety & Occupational Safety

Process Engineering & Safety Basis

  • Provide engineering and operations technical oversight support services with ancillary administrative support to the DOE Portsmouth Paducah Project Office Field Office mission in Lexington, KY and operations of the DUF6 Conversion Project located in Paducah, KY and Portsmouth, OH
  • Reviewed and evaluated operating license renewal applications in support of the NRC Division of License Renewal project team; prepared safety analysis and SER, audited and reviewed aging management programs, aging management reviews, and time-limited aging analyses
  • Provided technical engineering and editing support in developing and publishing NUREG-1801, Generic Aging Lessons Learned (GALL) Report; NUREG-1800, Standard Review Plan for Review of License Renewal Applications for Nuclear Power Plants; and NUREG-1950, Disposition of Public Comments and Technical Bases for Changes in the License Renewal Guidance Documents NUREG-1801 and NUREG-1800
  • Provided technical, engineering, and quality assurance services to NRC Nuclear Materials Safeguards and Safety (NMSS) to prepare safety analysis, environmental impact statement, facility audits, risk-based licensing of nuclear materials, and emergency vulnerability evaluation of fuel cycle facilities
  • Prepared and reviewed Safety Basis documentation and risk management strategy for 43 facilities; provide technical review of Safety Basis of diverse facilities at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), including processing, production, research, accelerator, waste management, and bio-hazardous

Industrial Hygiene & Industrial Safety

  • Provide Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) support to Federal Occupational Health (FOH), NASA, United States Geological Survey, DHS, TSA, and other federal agencies in preparing worker safety and health plans, emergency response plans, employee job task analysis (EJTA), case management, and other occupational safety protection
  • Supports DOE's Office of Emergency Management and Policy developing, maintaining, and updating a large database that contains toxicological and physicochemical data and other information for chemicals and materials used in the DOE complex
  • Provides technical expertise to support the DHS Occupational Safety and Health Program; performs policy and program reviews, job hazard analyses, inspections, and training development
  • Provided on-site industrial hygiene support for FDIC, NASA, and SSA through FOH and (three different) prime contractors
  • Supported OSHA's Directorate of Enforcement Programs, first as a direct contractor and more recently as a subcontractor, for over 14 years, providing technical and compliance guidance support to assist employers and employees in complying with safety and health requirements
  • Performed radiological surveys, decontamination, and waste handling for the U.S. Navy Southwest Regional Maintenance Center on six Navy combat ships exposed to the radiological plume from the Japanese Fukushima Dai-Ichi Reactor
  • Serves as third party responsible for validating Maxey Flats project environmental radiological data
  • Supported the radiological characterization survey and decontamination/decommissioning of cleanrooms and laboratories for the Air Force Technical Applications Center

Conduct of Operation & Training

  • Conducts root-cause analysis training for MSA, WCH, WRPS, and other Hanford operations
  • Performs CHPRC-required updates and delivers instruction: Event Investigation, Critique Leader, Cause Evaluator, Effective Work Planning, and Safety, Health, Security and Quality
  • Tailored PNNL safety training; topics include Human Performance Improvement, Leadership by Design, Safety Observation Program, Directorate Safety and Operations Council, and Advocacy for PNNL, Hammer, and private industries, including pulp and paper, utilities, and other operations
  • Prepared and delivered Kapstone ESH&Q workshops and training; developed and revised HAMMER/Hanford training curriculum
  • Developed DHS Value of Safety course and Safety and Health for Leaders course
  • Developed emergency operations curriculum for DOE, and supported courseware development for the Emergency Operations Training Academy, Albuquerque and the National Training Academy
  • Provided curriculum development and certification support to the Department of Housing and Urban Development in administrating its multiple housing engineer/inspector certification program
  • Developed technical training (engineering, sciences, and project management) curriculum, and supported DOE corporate leadership development


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