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Nuclear Forensics & CBRN

Emergency Operations

  • Provides broad assistance to the Office of Emergency Operations in carrying out its DOE/NNSA responsibilities for security, emergency planning, emergency preparedness, and emergency response; provides technical, analytical, management, administrative, training, and outreach support to help the Office in the development, establishment, and implementation of policy, requirements, and guidance for comprehensive emergency planning, preparedness, and response activities

Nuclear Laboratory and Facility Operations

  • Hot cell at the Hanford 222-S LaboratoryProvides scientific and technical support for all three DTRA Target Assessment Technologies Office programs; support includes development and integration of sensor mission planning tools; development of analytical methodologies, models and tools for characterizing and assessing HDBTs and WMD targets; development of methodologies and tools for assessing facility vulnerabilities; and other technical work related to characterization and assessment of foreign WMD and HDBT development
  • Performed the analytical services production functions of receiving, handling, analyzing, storing samples, performing special tests and reporting the results of these analyses and tests to the contractors of DOE Officers at the Hanford 222-S Laboratory Nuclear Site near Richland, WA
  • Through NBL (an HC 2 facility), provided technical support to the National Technical Nuclear Forensics program, a joint undertaking of the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and other federal agencies; provided expertise in actinide chemistry, radiochemistry, physical science, mass spectrometry, safety basis, training, and conduct of operations


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