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Commissioning, Field Decommissioning, Environ. Cleanup & Waste Mgmt.

Site Characterization/Assessments

  • Supports ANL to complete continued Excess Facilities Program Projects, including decontamination and decommissioning projects, facilities characterization projects, and nuclear footprint reduction projects
  • Performed radiological characterization surveys of the Air Force Technical Applications Center (AFTAC) Nuclear Materials Laboratory Cleanroom facility and decommissioned all contaminated portions of laboratory, including clean room, ventilation, and building structure

Health Physics and Radiological Controls

  • Provides qualified health physics technicians to support remediation and radiological survey activities at the Alameda Point IR Site 1 in Alameda, California
  • Supported Cabrera's effort to construct, operate, and maintain a 260,000-cubic-yard Consolidation Unit at 11 large-volume Focused Strategic Sites (FSS) on the former McClellan AFB, in accordance with the FSS Record of Decision
  • Supported several environmental and D&D projects at LANL by providing a Radiation Controls Program and personnel. DeNuke was a key subcontractor to Portage, completing the cleanup of the MDAB area; supported the D&D of high-level contamination, which included waste characterization, and packaging and transportation to disposal facilities; provided radiation protection, monitoring, surveillance, and other related services for the successful remediation project
  • As a subcontractor on the LANL Waste Disposition project, supported production planning activities, monthly earned value reporting, weekly production performance reporting, and preparation of various presentations, charts, tables, and other informational material; responded to ad hoc data calls either internal or external to LANL; managed and provided editing support of the performance assessment and corporate analysis for TA-54 Area G; revised the PA/CA report, which involved evaluating and updating information for the MDA G site characteristics, disposal information, radioactive inventory, and groundwater, air dispersion, wind erosion, surface erosion, and conceptual model information; various evaluations were performed and presented in report format, which were used to update and produce Revision 4 of the PA/CA report
  • Provided turnkey services for the NDA of various radiologically-controlled areas and objects in Building 205 at ANL to determine gamma isotopes and concentrations.
  • Completed a full facility characterization of Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) Building 200 MA & MB, covering both radiological and chemical contamination
  • Provides radiological control technician (RCT) support to ANL and Oak Ridge Associated University sites

Remedial Design/Strategy

  • Provides URS/CH2M Oak Ridge waste management, remediation and transportation staff augmentation services
  • Supported ANL in carrying out specific work projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 as well as DOE Environmental Management; provided DOE Core Qualified radiation control technicians (RCTs), RCT supervisors, and health physicists
  • As a subcontractor to UT Battelle, provided qualified staff, including environmental compliance rep./waste service rep., project controls specialist, senior financial/reports & data analyst, and reports and data assistant
  • Supported the Sump Abandonment project at Maxey Flats; assisted with development of the Health & Safety/Radiation Protection Plan, provided radiation training, performed initial and final gamma surveys, and provided radiation safety training, and performed monitoring and oversight for control of sump/tank abandonment activities
  • As a subcontractor to CB&I Federal Services, provided qualified staff to DoD/U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, including site supervisor, RAD engineer, senior RAD techs, junior RAD techs, and decontamination techs
  • Evaluated investigative activities conducted in the subsurface soil and groundwater at the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport (LMMIA) in Carolina, Puerto Rico, to identify and recommend methods for the potential recovery of subsurface fuel and to identify, evaluate, and recommend appropriate options for remediation of subsurface hydrocarbon contamination
  • As a follow on to the initial contract for site characterization at NETL-Albany, performed cleanup verification sampling to confirm remediation contractor achieved the cleanup targets set for the remediation of beryllium at the site


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