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Technical Analysis & Support

Risk Management and Risk Assessment (Safety, Environmental, Nuclear)

  • Supported the NIOSH Office of Mining Safety and Health Research by conducting surveys of mine owners/operators regarding the implementation of new safety measures in active coal mines throughout the United States
  • In support of the DHS Occupational Safety and Health Program, performs job hazard analyses, conducts workplace safety and health inspections, performs industrial hygiene services, and conducts threat and risk assessments

Regulatory Policy and Compliance

  • Photo of a minerIn support of the DOE PPPO Field Office mission, provides cyber security support for both unclassified and classified systems, ensuring compliance in the implementation and operations of all DOE cybersecurity (hardware and software) requirements, including all federal laws, FISMA, OMB requirements, DOE Orders and guidance on cybersecurity, Technical Management Requirements, and the EM Program Cyber Security Plan
  • Staffed OSHA's Compliance Guidance telephone line and e-correspondence team, responding to technical inquiries from employers and employees about the application of OSHA standards; employed in-depth knowledge of OSHA standards, including 29 CFR 1910 – General Industry, 29 CFR 1926 – Construction, and 29 CFR 1960 – Basic Program Elements for Federal Employees

Outreach, Meeting and Logistical Support

  • As a subcontractor to Oak Ridge Associated Universities, supports the NIOSH Division of Compensation Analysis and Support by conducting outreach activities and facilitating dozens of focus groups, meetings, and interviews for information gathering purposes; work also involves developing and conducting workshops on radiation dose reconstruction and the Special Exposure Cohort
  • Supported public outreach for DOE's Office of Basic Energy Sciences; developed educational materials such as a children's placemat that provided scientific information, supported the Director with responses to Congressional requests, and provided a technical interface to respond to requests from the union


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